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At Lamosa we work with any model and type of fabric. We have a wide range of fabrics, colors, and finishes available to take our customers’ products to a new level of beauty and quality. We dare to say that we do not produce clothes. We produce authenticity, we create timeless pieces, meticulously thought out and elaborately crafted. Behind each piece is the experience and passion of each person through whom it passes. We are flexible: we analyze case by case, model by model, and do not restrict our production to quantities.


you imagine, we create

quality materials

We work with high quality fabrics, keeping an excellent close relationship with our suppliers of Denim, Twill, Linen, Tencel, Canvas, etc.


Our focus is to be a sustainable company using eco-friendly materials and producing in a way to avoid wastes in all the material and involved processes.

personalized accompaniment

We privilege the personalized follow-up of each client, according to their needs.

qualified professionals

We have a specialized team, with qualified professionals, oriented toward success in all stages of the production process of our garments

international clients

From Portugal to the world. More than 90% of our production is exported to Europe, UK  and the USA.

modern designs

Experient pattern makers an fitting technicians working closely with our costumers to achieve the best result.


our carefully selected fabrics

The detail and quality of your garments are important to you? To us fabric sourcing plays an important role in garment development. At LAMOSA we’re always sourcing fabrics, searching new textile upgrades and connect with the partners in the industry in order to offer always the best quality.

What do you need?