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about us

From decades of experience and love for creation and detail… Lamosa was born, based on the knowledge and excellence of its founders.

And if “jeans” were once the queen piece of this house, today all the models and types of fabric are treated with the same care and dedication. We focus on doing well, with detail, despite the versatility that distinguishes us, serving the medium/high apparel sector.

The high experience, technical skills, and knowledge, combined with the dedication, professionalism, and passion of our team make Lamosa a reference at the national and international levels in the Textile Industry.

The fact that we are a vertical company allows us to obtain a more efficient production and a controlled quality, reducing our deadlines and making us more competitive and with a superior quality of products.

We export about 90% of our production to Europe and the USA and we are proud to be recognized as partners of brands of excellence, with whom we grow together to make a difference.

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Reach new markets, offering more and more quality;

Increasing our experience, without losing our essence.


Dress optimistically in inspiring clothes, create value, and make a difference wherever we are and whatever we do.


Respect and reciprocity are at the core of our values, whether with our customers or with our employees.

Social responsibility, commitment, quality, and sustainability are also values that sustain us and of which we are proud.




what makes us different

We dare to say that at Lamosa we do not produce clothes. We produce authenticity, we create timeless pieces, meticulously thought out and elaborately crafted. Behind each piece is the experience and passion of each person through whom it passes.

We are flexible: we analyze case by case, model by model, and do not restrict our production to quantities.

We are versatile: we work with any model and fabric, except jersey.