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lamosa’s policy

Lamosa Jeans is a company specializing in the production of outerwear textiles.

With a focus on the art of doing it right, with versatile and diversified production lines and based on the knowledge and experience of a family that grew up in the Textile Industry.

Lamosa Jeans’ main values are:

– wear optimism with inspiring clothes, create value and make a difference wherever we are and in everything we do;

– to be recognized as a partner, ensure compliance with requirements, grow with our customers believing that together we make a difference;

– develop our activity with respect for the environment, optimizing the production process, managing energy resources, and raw materials efficiently;

– always working to ensure customer satisfaction, seeking continuous improvement, and preventing pollution;

– certain that human resources and partnerships are fundamental to the success of the organization, we base our actions on good relations of common development;

– Protecting the health, safety, and rights of employees, since the Social Criteria and Ethical Business Behavior are essential prerequisites and ensure responsible business practices.

Guimarães, October 2022