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Sustainability it’s about improving all the damage that has already been done in environment and society, always aiming towards the best possible level, wanting to be better every single day.


A small tree growing with soil forwarded or delivered between the hands of the elderly and children with the green forest background. Showed the care for the environment with sustainable development.

Every effort counts when it comes to sustainability! The change might be slow, but it must be prosperous. It is necessary to look at sustainability as an attribute, that connects the environment with people and from there create better practices. That is what we set out to do!

At LAMOSA we characterize ourselves by being authentic and flexible, and in that way, being aware that we come from a substantially polluting sector, that with transparency we seek to adopt increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, believing that they should apply to the entire development process of our products, from the production phase to the awareness for greener choices.

Our focus is to use more environmentally friendly materials, avoiding waste at any stage of production and of the materials themselves, thus developing sustainable products.